Crew & Credits

Crew & Credits

Farida Pacha

Director, Writer, Producer

Photo: Lutz Konermann

National Award winning documentary filmmaker, Farida Pacha was born in Mumbai in 1972 and studied filmmaking at Southern Illinois University, USA. Her debut feature documentary, My Name is Salt, has screened at over 80 festivals and won 34 awards including the main prizes at IDFA, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Madrid and Mumbai film festivals.

Interested in exploring the human condition, Farida approaches reality in a poetic and exploratory way. She relies on a distinctive observational style to tell intimate stories that slowly unfold over time.

Lutz Konermann

Cinematographer, Producer

Photo: Elvis D’Silva

A multiple award winning director, screen writer, cinematographer and producer, Lutz Konermann has been credited on more than a hundred fiction and documentary films, including international co-productions.

Watch Over Me is the latest documentary in a long-standing collaboration with Farida Pacha. The cinematography of her feature-length debut, My Name is Salt, won him several awards, amongst which the prestigious German Camera Award in 2014 .

Katharina Fiedler


Katharina Fiedler is a freelance film editor living in Berlin. She has been working on award winning national and international productions since 2007.

Watch Over Me is her second collaboration with Farida Pacha, after My Name is Salt won her a nomination for Best Editing at the German Kamerapreis in 2014.

Pratik Biswas

Location Sound Recording

Pratik is a self-motivated and self-taught sound technician with over eighteen years of experience in studio as well as location sound recording. He has done sound design for many award-winning documentaries and has won the IDPA Gold award for documentary sound design.

Florian Eidenbenz

Sound Design & Mix

Florian Eidenbenz has been working in Film Sound since the mid-seventies. His main focus for several years has been Sound Design and Mixing, mostly at Magnetix Studios in Zurich.

Watch Over Me is his second collaboration with Farida Pacha, after My Name Is Salt.

Dürbeck & Dohmen


Based in Cologne, Germany, René Dohmen and Jumpel Dürbeck compose music for TV and cinema movies, series, documentaries, theatre and commercials. They also produce bands and solo artists.

Their work covers a lot of ground – from classical songwriting to electronic music as well as orchestral and abstract-experimental film scores.

René Da Rold

Video Post-production

René Da Rold has been an independent film producer since 1998. Equipped with his own in-house post-production facilities and a CGI rendering farm, René is ready to offer state of the art VFX, colour grading, sound design and a lot more for productions of all kinds and scales.

Full Credits

Leafbird Film    presents

in co-production wit   Ventana-Film

in association wit   Video Without Borders

a film by

Farida Pacha

with deep gratitude to


Munni Devi


and all the other patients,

and to their families for their trust and generosity.


Maniamma R.

Sini Kuriakose

Dr. Reena Sharma

written and directed by    Farida Pacha

cinematography    Lutz Konermann

editing    Katharina Fiedler

location sound    Pratik Biswas

sound design and mix   Florian Eidenbenz

music    Dürbeck & Dohmen

additional sound   Manas Tarai, Bhagwat Ram, Usman Siddiqui

assistant editor   Pawanjot Kaur

editing support   Abhishek Kumar, Avantika De

editing consultant    Stephan Krumbiegel

editing suite    Anderthalb Film-und Fernsehproduktion, Basis Berlin

subtitles    Sebastian Mez

title design    Brigae Haelg

sound studio    Magnetix

grading and vfx   René Da Rold

post production dcp   René Da Rold Pictures

production assistant    Angela Kuttner

production consultant   Kaj Holmberg

producers    Lutz Konermann, Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Farida Pacha

thank you

Nilotpal Mazumdar, Johannes Kunz

Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Doris Fiedler-Brück

Prabhu Ram, Armin Fiedler, Namagiri Anand

Hannah Fiedler, Walter Ruggle, Sahil Fatehi, Stefan Haupt

Kirsten Kelbel Konermann, Ronny Dörfler, Rehan Konermann

a very special thank you

to all the people at CanSupport for making this film possible

Harmala Gupta, Pankaj Mathur

Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Dr. Reena Sharma

Maniamma R., Sini Kuriakose

Kamlesh Choudhary, Ratna Jajoria

Ramya Raghu, Mahesh Masih

Rajvinder, Sunil Kumar

Dr. K. R. Dhar, Dr. Devina Garg

Susamma Mathew, Rinki Pal

Shashi Chandra, Narender Kumar

Iftekhar Bi, Mausumi Bhansali

Thresiamma Joseph, Anamika Kashung

Dr. Man Mohan Dogra, Usman Siddiqui

Birbal Mahato, Ashish Lal

this documentary has been realised with the support of

IDFA Bertha Fund

 Docedge Pitch Award India

Eigenössisches Bundesamt für Kultur BAK


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